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Message from the President

Company motto

Kyoyu Agri’s story begins with the founding of Yashima Chemical Industries Ltd. in 1938. The next significant development in our history occurred in 1955, when the company began operating as an agrochemical manufacturing partner of the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (Zen-Noh) by selling its products through that organization’s network (this is so called “Keito” business). More recently, the company took on its current form in 2004 when Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., and Zen-Noh increased their respective stakes, absorbed the Keito agrochemical business of Sumitomo Chemical - Takeda Agro Co., Ltd., and changed the company’s name to Kyoyu Agri Co., Ltd.

We have worked on promoting our products by practicing the customer-centric approach that is espoused by our corporate slogan of “Always for Growers,” a philosophy that enables us to assess farmers’ needs in the field and recommend appropriate products so that we can live up to their expectations. As a manufacturer of agrochemicals, we remain committed to providing safe, high-quality products to farmers along with higher-quality technological service. At the same time, we also look forward to contributing to Japanese agriculture through our work to develop and promote Integrated Pest Management (IPM) –familiar products in response to consumers’ high level of interest in food safety.

Pyraclonil, a rice herbicide active ingredient we developed, has been sold for more than 10 years in Japan, and its accumulated marketed volume of the AI since its launch is equivalent to the coverage of approx. 6.2 million hectares of rice field in Japan. It has gained a broad user base throughout Japan thanks to its high level of effectiveness against Sulfonylurea-resistant weeds, which had been becoming a significant problem at farms nationwide. As a result, pyraclonil’s treated area in Japan has exceeded 740 thousand hectares in 2019, and the flagship pyraclonil product “BATCHIRI”, together with its sister products, has become Japan’s top seller rice one-shot herbicide for nine years in a row. Our greatest joy is to help farmers tackle the challenges they face.

With Japan’s population of farmers continuing to age, we are seeing rapid change in the industry, for example in the expanding size of farms and the adoption of corporate-structured business form. As this transformation brings new pressure to lower production costs and save on labor, Kyoyu Agri will marshal all of its resources to address the challenges posed by these and other changes while continuing to work closely with farmers and growers. As we do so, it would be our biggest pleasure if we, and our products, could be assistance to growers all over the world.

February 2020

Tetsuo Amano

President, Kyoyu Agri Co., Ltd.