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About Kyoyu Agri


Since its establishment, Kyoyu Agri has been developing specialized formulations for agricultural uses.  Our highly advanced facilities have made it possible to produce a wide variety of formulations, such as granules, emulsions, emulsifiable concentrates, liquid and flowables, which can be used for various purposes. The production of each formulation is systematically managed through formulation designing, physicochemical property testing, pilot production, commercial production and quality control.

We have particularly earned a good reputation for our highly controlled product quality, which can be achieved by separate production lines for insecticides, fungicides and herbicides at our  ISO-9001 certified plants.

Contract production business supported by highly reliable technology.

Kyoyu Agri is also conducting contract productions for our customers. The formulation technology we have developed through our long history has enabled us to respond to various demands from our customers. Our specialised formulation technique is particularly well valued in the fields of coated granules, adsorbable granules and flowables.

Yamagata Plant

Located in the centre of Japan’s biggest paddy rice production area, Yamagata Plant focuses on the production of agrochemicals for paddy rice to be used in Tohoku and Kanto districts.

The facility reinforcement in 2010 has made it possible to produce granular formulations that contain a highly active sulphonylurea-type herbicidal compound. Furthermore, the large packaging facility at this plant can meet special requests from users.

Formulation type: dust and granular formulations

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Yamagata Factory_02 Yamagata Factory_03

Nagano Plant

Advanced technology at Nagano Plant is mainly utilized for the production of high-performance formulations for fruits and vegetables.


Formulation types: emulsifiable concentrations and flowables

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Amagi Plant

Amagi Plant has a high reputation for the production of insecticidal granules using its own special coating technique.

Formulations types: granular formulations for insecticides (coating)

Amagi Factory_03