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About Kyoyu Agri

Agro-Science Research Center

In the changing agricultural circumstances, while placing the highest importance on safety and eco-friendliness, Kyoyu Agri is developing new products which have valuable properties such as high performance, labor saving and low cost and greatly contribute to our society.

The Agro-Science Research Center in Nagano is focusing on synthesis, formulation and biology and developing unique agrochemical products through such integrated R&D activities from screening to commercialization.

The acaricide “Baroque Flowable”  and various paddy rice herbicides containing pyraclonil are among the achievements of such R&D and are greatly contributing to the improvement of agriculture inside and outside of Japan.

Synthesis Team

The Synthesis Team is engaged in research on the synthesis of new agrochemical active ingredients.  Etoxazole, which is the active ingredient of Baroque Flowable, was invented by this team as a proprietary compound with an entirely new chemical structure.  Currently, it is widely used in Japan and many other countries.

The Synthesis Team also provides technical supports for stable production of our technical grades.  This function is essential to Kyoyu Agri’s continuous successful business operation.

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Formulation Team

The Formulation Team is engaged in the development of new formulation technologies to achieve a number of goals as listed below:

・Improved safety for users and beneficial organisms
・Reduction of environmental stresses
・Maximization of the performance of active ingredients
・Development of labor saving and convenient application methods
・Cost reduction

The Formulation Team also conducts the pilot production of newly developed formulations to establish efficient commercial production processes for speedy and successful commercialization.

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Biology Team


In order to meet various demands from users, the Biology Team is engaged in the efficacy assessment of candidate compounds and various applied R & D mainly for insecticides, fungicides and herbicides as shown below.  These activities are conducted in close collaboration with the Synthesis Team and the Formulation Team.

1.Screening of candidate compounds
2.Research for commercial use of newly developed products
3.Research on the development of new formulations and new combination products
4.Technical support for marketing and promotion of existing products

And recently, the Biology Team has been increasingly involved in environmentally-friendly businesses through development and promotion of IPM products, such as pheromones, biopesticides and the Eco-Pita liquid formulation (containing hydrogenated starch hydrolysate).

These researches are efficiently conducted not only in laboratories but also in greenhouses, in which biological effect studies can be carried out all year round, and test fields for fruit trees such as apples, vegetables and paddy rice which were established in the Agro-Science Research Center.

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